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Smartseals has 32 manual moulding presses and a high speed Poly Urethane Injection Moulding machine.

This gives us the ability to make 32 different seals at a time, ensuring the fastest turn around time.

Single cavity presses making single seals. to multi cavity presses as many as 24 seals at a time.

Our smallest seal we have manufactured is 3 mm diameter, and the largest is 1500 mm !

We have recently installed a Injection Moulding machine that is dedicated to manufacturing Poly Urethane moulded components, including seals.

Engineering Division.

We have our own tool room where we make our moulds.

4 Industrial Lathes. Our largest lathe has the ability to make moulds up to 1500 mm diameter.

3 Milling machines.

2 Surface grinders.

We have a design team that design the seals for your requirement and experienced engineering team to manufacture the moulds.

By doing everything in house , we are able to control our costs and give a quick turn around time.